As the leading mail and logistics company, we aim to connect people and improve their lives. We believe protecting the environment is an integral part of that. We will invest €7 billion until 2030 in Clean Operations to reduce our emissions to under 29 million tonnes by 2030. To drive the logistics industry toward a sustainable future, we are aiming for zero emissions by 2050. We want to achieve this for and together with our customers.


Delivering sustainably is a challenge that DHL has readily embraced as a leader in the logistics industry. We know this is of great importance to all the businesses we work with, so we’re incredibly pleased to announce the launch of GoGreen Plus!

GoGreen Plus is a new service that will allow you to reduce ('inset') the carbon emissions associated with your shipments through the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). From today, GoGreen Plus is available as an option for every shipment you send via MyDHL+.

To add GoGreen Plus to shipments via MyDHL+, simply tick the box marked GoGreen Plus under Optional Services. Please note that this will replace the previous Climate Neutral tick box. Insetting through GoGreen Plus allows your business to bring down its Scope 3 emissions, which are the indirect Greenhouse Gas emissions that occur in a company's value chain, including downstream transportation and distribution. Unlike offsetting initiatives, insetting is recognised as carbon reduction efforts under the Science Based Target initiative because initiatives are designed to reduce emissions directly associated with a business’s operations.

A recent survey of our UK customers confirmed that 72% of businesses planned to introduce more sustainable logistics practices. When asked about attitudes towards insetting, 44% of respondents said they were more likely to invest in an insetting project, while just 20% said that offsetting would be a more likely area of investment. We therefore hope that the opportunity to inset via GoGreen Plus is a welcome initiative for your business.


Using the carbon-neutral service DHL GOGREEN, every year you receive an official certificate for the amount of compensated carbon emissions, issued by SGS and certifying your responsible attitude to one of the most serious global problems.


Tell your partners and customers that you use carbon-neutral supplies and upload on your website the certificate issued by an internationally recognized institution - an indisputable certificate of your responsible attitude towards nature. In this way you not only state the socially responsible position of your brand, but also position it on a higher level - you stand out from the competition and give customers additional motivation when choosing between comparable products or services.